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Gymkata (1985) – Kurt Thomas, Tetchie Agbayani

Gymkata stars Kurt Thomas, competing in a deadly game in the fake country of Parmistan, using a combo of gymnastics and karate. It's bad... and hilarious.

Matt Hannon is Samurai Cop!

Samurai Cop (1991) – Amir Shervan, Robert Z’Dar

Samurai Cop is a bad movie gem from Iranian director Amir Shervan, starring Robert Z'Dar and a long-haired beefcake named Matt Hannon.

Miami Connection (1987)

Miami Connection (1987)

Miami Connection is a cheesy martial arts action/drama from 1987 set in Orlando (!) featuring ninjas, bikers, and musicians skilled in Taekwondo.

Buy Double Down on DVD

Double Down – Neil Breen

Real estate agent Neil Breen and his first cinematic atrocity called Double Down.

David Hasselhoff - Nick Fury - Agent of Shield

Nick Fury, Agent of Shield – David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff played Nick Fury, Agent of Shield long before Samuel L. Jackson did. More about this 1998 made for TV movie!


Hard Ticket To Hawaii – Dona Speir, Hope Marie Carlton, Andy Sidaris

Andy Sidaris directs Hard Ticket to Hawaii, part of his "Bullets Bombs and Babes" collection. It stars Playmates Dona Speir and Hope Maris Carlton.

Robert Z'Dar in Dragonfight

Dragonfight (1990) – With Charles Napier, James Hong, Robert Z’Dar

Dragonfight (with Charlies Napier and James Hong) is about a corporate battle in the desert between some guy and Robert Z'Dar's chin.

Robowar - Omega-1

Robowar – Bruno Mattei, Reb Brown, Catherine Hickland

A look at the cheesy Predator ripoff Robowar (1989), starring Reb Brown and Catherine Hickland. Directed by Bruno Mattei!